Friday, March 23, 2012

Sometimes I write...

This is a few minutes of very lazy thought put into telling a story about nothing in particular at my friend's request. It's written in a rather childish way.
I call it "The Secret Princess" I hope you like =)

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jessica.

Now Jessica loved to play hide and seek; she would always play it with her puppy willow.

One day they went down to the beach and Jess ran off to hide, as she stepped behind a bush, she slipped; after a small descent she found herself in the most beautiful garden one might imagine.

She stood up, and there before her were three dashing gentlemen in crimson finery.

Jessica curtseyed and they bowed in return

"You're just in time m'lady," one of them spoke up at last.

Taking her arm they ran towards the castle in who's garden she had landed.

Without a moment for thought, Jessica was taken into a wonderful sunny bedroom where a white, frilly dress was laying, as if in wait, on her bed

Jess tried the dress on, and it drew in to her body as if tailoring itself to fit her by magic.

She spun around and admired herself in a large wooden mirror standing across from the bed.

She sat down as she wondered what to do with her hair.

She picked up a brush and was hardly aware of what she was doing; when finished, she was surprised even her hair could look that wonderful.

Jessica thought she should step back outside, but when she did, there was not a soul to be seen.

She turned around, and the castle, seemed to be falling away in the distance, disappearing in a mist. Bewildered, Jess ran a little way, not knowing what to do.

At that moment a young man galloped in upon a white horse, with bows in its tail

He was holding Willow, and helped Jessica climb up too.

"I'm so glad you found it," he said

His voice sounded familiar to Jessica, though it took her a minute to place it

Then it dawned upon her, the noble knight, was none other than Daniel, the boy she could never bring herself to speak more than 3 words to, the boy who if she held his gaze for more than a second, felt that she would never be able break it; and most of all, the boy she felt she loved.

She would meet him in the hallway, and he would let her past, he always opened doors, never said a rude word. He was a true gentleman.

"Where are we?" Jessica questioned.

"I'm not so sure, but it's just wonderful here. Don't you think?" Daniel replied

"I find too, the dress far more flattering to your figure, than the terrible school uniform I only ever see. You simply must tell me all about yourself, if I may be so bold," He added.

The pair trotted on for some time before coming to a halt in a most tranquil forest glade. Jumping down, Daniel deftly transferred Jessica to the ground.

He sat down in a patch of grass, peacefully illuminated by the sun, and Jess lay next to him.

She reached for his hand.

The pair lay still for some time, speaking softly about their lives, and about the time they had spent thinking about one another.

"How silly we were," said Daniel, "To let our selfish shyness hold us back from our true desire."

Jessica nodded.

The pair lay still for an amount of time one dares not assume upon, until the sun began to set.

Daniel arose, and took Jessica's hand, in doing so helped her, so gently to her feet

Hand in hand, they walked towards an opening in the trees, as they approached it, Jessica could see the beach, where she had been this morning.

She smiled to herself, knowing, her life would never be the same after this day...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh hi.

I, having just been looking at my brother's amazing blog (here: remembered that I have a blog on this website; besides my tumblr, which is probably a lot more along the lines of the person that I have become since beginning this horrible blog.

So what's new in my life since that time? I believe I have become a lot closer with God and have progressed further in my walk with Him. I've also drawn close to certain people and then drifted away again. Relationships have come and gone and crazy thoughts have passed through my head, including the one at this current point in time that I still can't shake. (It will end eventually I'm sure... I hope)
Aside from that there's really not a lot interesting going on, I do love my life and that is it really.

Oh, and we ('we' being some mates from church) decided this evening that we're taking a trip to Rarotonga in early January! I thought that exciting enough to be worthy of mention.

Oh and if you're interested you can check out my tumblr here:

Ciao for now =)

Monday, September 21, 2009

its crazy

well to follow, is what's so crazy: i've been talking via text to a friend i made from last weekend's camp. Then suddenly (well not so suddenly really) she tells me she likes i really that likeable?? i seem to get this too much and then i have to try and gently tell them i'm already always feels rather mean...but mm..i don't know, maybe i need to be less nice haha.


that is all

Saturday, September 19, 2009

ah something happy for a good weekend

well good times from the weekend huh. Friday night i find out that theres a camp going on with army cadets starting the next morning, where we sea cadets were wanted as casualties...all good stuff, especially the little night game we played, crawling nearly the whole way through a camp of wet grass and rocks, good times good times haha
but other than that, pretty fun all round, interesting to see how the "other third" lives haha.

well lazy sunday afternoon right now, left alone by the rest of my so boring...but oh well, nothing new =)


Thursday, September 17, 2009

wow woops

So i have three posts on here so far, thats pretty terrible isn't
not that anyone reads this thing so theres not a whole lot to worry about. So i'm not exactly going to pick the random ramblings where i left off last time, thankfully my life has gotten a hell of alot better since then actually
i 'met' a girl, i know people are wanting to judge me concerning that so i'll leave that where it stands but she's the one ok? =)

well today has sucked, this week has been boring like every other week and this weekend is going to suck too. negativity much? anyway, the reason for all this negativity in particular why today sucked, is because mum came with me to my swimming to force me to go back for another whole term to something i really don't want to be doing and can't see much reason behind it anyway. I can swim...sort of...
next few days in fact the week plus some, will suck because my "grounding" won't have quite run out hahaha, so i can't go do anything for the first days of school holidays..oh joy
i need to make some friends to do anything anyway lol.

in case you're wondering i'm not an emo...i just like to dress like it sometimes haha.

its lunchtime, bye for now.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

So here i am to blog the crap outta it

of course my day wasn't up to my expectations, i had my expectations of myself set too hight yet again. well after we parted i walked towards the mall and shopping by myself, how freaking lame is that? I was to be found in Jay Jays hunting through a seeminly endless mountain of t-shirts to find something somewhat tasteful lol.

so i suppose the most intersting thing was the bus ride back home on which i discovered a bus driver who seemed to be "one of the nice ones" as well as a complete dick haha. i.e "one of the nice ones" a little girl got onto the bus not realizing she had no money on her metro card so he says "is it your birthday today?" he repeated this a few times until she finally got the picture and starts beaming at him "heres your birthday present then," he says, hehe. a few stops after that a kid gets on places $2 and asks for a child fare "and how much is a child fare?" he asked gruffly "a dollar forty," says the kid, "then remember next time one dollar forty!" he just about yelled.

wow i guess some people are just really unpredictable huh? so thats day in passing, possibly even to be topped in boringness by tomorow, stay tuned =p

Friday, December 5, 2008

so here i found myself reading Twilight, i'm enthralled by it and wait, what am i doing writing this and not reading it right now? hahah. i guess i tend to procrastinate even with things i really enjoy, kinda strange ae?

well once again in my extremely boring life i shall leave you in my amped state of mind not quite sure if i'm ready for what might go down with my "gf" today.....